About the Company

The crane plant Sfera highly estimated by independent experts supplies high quality materials-handling equipment enhancing labour performance and safety. Modern technologies aimed at the result and reasonable prices for our products are our outstanding features.

At the moment we are involved in batch and single-piece production of traveling, arm, gantry and semigantry cranes which are further delivered to Russian regions and the Commonwealth countries. We supply standard and special purpose cranes distinguished by lifting power and technical data.

We use foreign equipment and components to rig traveling and arm cranes including:

  • hoists;
  • crane traveling gears;
  • electric motors equipped with built-in braking system, safe electric control circuit (24 – 42 V), a comfortable electronic or radio control chair.
  • trolleys characterised by high level of protection (for current contact jaws).

Russian steel is used in the production of basic constructions which are further equipped with foreign components. It enables us to ensure high technical characteristics of our products which bring our cranes into line with the products of leading foreign manufacturers. And a highly important thing is worth mentioning: the prices for Glubor cranes are significantly lower than the prices for their foreign counterparts.

The continuous improvement of existing products and development of new ones enables us to face the future with confidence.