Hoisting Cranes Repair

Hoisting mechanisms, the majority of which are massive constructions, are produced for a long-term operation and can easily serve for several dozens of years. The right selection of the equipment and comprehensive account of operating conditions coupled with operation intensity contribute to such record performance. It is quite logical that such a long lifespan of the equipment requires obligatory testing, scheduled maintenance and, of course, repair or replacement of working components.

Glubor experts, who have mounted several thousands of cranes, offer high-quality repair operations of all systems of hoisting equipment. We make repairs (capital repair, сapital repair and reconstruction, complete repair) of gantry and traveling cranes, beam cranes, crane tracks including:  

  • repairs of the crane electric equipment (junctions and systems of control, process modules, gripper systems);
  • repairs of the crane metal constructions with replacement and restoration of modules, separate components, supporting girders, crane tracks among the others (worn-out components can be replaced with analogue components produced at our plant or by our partners.)

In most cases our experts make repairs of cranes at the site (in terminals, industrial workshops, construction sites) what helps to reduce costs on the assembly-disassembly of the equipment and its transportation. If a customer has a limited possibility to organize repairing process at his enterprise we offer to hold it at ours.

We prolong the lifespan of your equipment and optimize idle time.