Hoisting equipment assembly

The choice of the method of crane and other hoisting equipment assembly is influenced by a number of factors.

Glubor experts possessing great experience in the area of hoisting mechanisms assembly and the knowledge of all assembly peculiarities offer high-quality service.

After they carefully study the site where the crane is to be mounted at and make a preliminary list of expenditures based on the results of their studies they will be ready to offer You the most reasonable prices and the service of the highest level. In addition to a direct benefit from collaboration with us You will be offered the assembly version meeting all safety and quality requirements. Our experts’ great practical experience coupled with a highly professional approach to work will enable You to install the equipment and check its performance at the earliest possible date.

There can be distinguished three types of hoisting equipment assembly offered by our plant:

  • assembly supervision: our expert supervises the process, the customer performs assembly operations;
  • commissioning: the customer performs assembly operations and testing under our expert’s control;
  • key-ready assembly: all assembly operations are performed by our experts

The criteria justifying the choice of an assembly method are based on the following factors:

  • specific features of the construction of the item to be mounted;
  • availability and access to assembly means at the site;
  • time-frame with the date of the hoisting equipment assembly completion;
  • the degree of readiness of the crane constructions for the next assembly stages, the necessity of additional works connected with the assembly of its elements.
  • calculation of expenditures built into each type of assembly in given conditions;
  • obligatory observance of the requirements for the assembly of construction equipment at the site.